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Big Change

Big Change is a social innovation charity (founded by six friends including Holly and Sam Branson) to catalyse positive change for young people in the UK by finding and supporting big ideas that can help young people thrive in life, not just exams.


Two things make them different:

1). the projects they support – equipping young people with tools and confidence to drive positive change in their own lives, and their community

2). their approach – supporting big ideas at an early stage to help them prove their impact so they can go on and become part of the way things are done

Alexia & Suns presents SPACE loves Big Change and their next project How to Thrive – improving the wellbeing and resilience of young people by training the adults around them (e.g. teachers, parents, social workers) with the tools to help young people navigate and thrive in life. The importance of being able to build effective relationships, navigate setbacks and develop mindfulness is critical in getting ahead of challenges for young people in an ever more complex and high change world. They have particularly good results with young people from tough backgrounds.

How to Thrive is the only organisation to facilitate the acclaimed and proven Penn Resilience Programme in education. The PRP was developed by Martin Seligman at the University of Pennsylvania and builds on the original work into Post-Traumatic Growth (versus Post Traumatic Stress) in the US Army and the field of positive psychology.

Alexia & Suns presents SPACE will be supporting Big Change in any which way we can, we hope you’ll want to support and love them too.

For more information visit www.big-change.org.


Lucy Annabella

We are so incredibly lucky to have two incredible Lucy Annabella therapists at SPACE offering eight wonderful treatments to sooth and revive your soul.

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Lucy Annabella brings you luxury, free from harmful chemicals. We want you to experience gorgeous products made from only the best essential and plant oils. From the exquisite packaging, to the divine aromas released upon opening, Lucy Annabella’s ethos of organic luxury is evident in every scent. Clinical Aromatherapist Colleen Harte uses only the highest quality elements from essential oils to develop this luxury range of products which encourage renewal and restoration.

This award wining SpaceNK brand was born from a desire to create sublime oils, lotions, milks and candles made from organic plants and herbs. Lucy Annabella wants you to immerse yourself in a cocoon of sensual healing.

For more information visit www.lucyannabella.com.


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