Showing off

“I went to SPACE thinking I needed some space —to get away from it all. Then I encountered a community of substantive friends who inspired me to reconnect with the world, and myself, and I’ve been smiling ever since.”

— Lisa Shields


“In The Wizard of Oz Dorothy famously says, ‘There is no place like home’. Well I have just returned home, and I’m saying there is no place like SPACE. Opened in just February of 2016, SPACE is an exclusive and intimate paradise launched by Alexia & Suns that will somehow leave you craving green juices, almond butter balls, and gleefully beaming ear to ear with a glow that goes deeper than your sun-kissed cheeks.

“I am all too familiar with scouring the Internet for health and wellness retreats; which is to say, I am all too familiar with being inundated with options boasting of the ‘ultimate detox’ and ‘the best fitness program all in an environment that will take your breath away’. I have been to many of those types of retreats around the world – yes, perhaps I am a retreat junkie – but I feel such experiences give me enough clout to say there is truly no place like SPACE.

“SPACE by Alexia & Suns takes you away to the pristine and magnificent coastline of Anguilla. All private transfers are arranged for you upon arrival, and the moment you approach the secluded, waterfront villa of approximately 10 palatial rooms, your muscles immediately melt away with your worries into the fresh island air. Alexia Hargrave, the founder of SPACE, best described as a ray of light with energy that will lift any spirit, personally welcomes you to your much awaited home for the week. Upon meeting Alexia, you will also meet the SPACE Manager, Ali Crook, who is ever delightful and somehow always there when you need her.

“SPACE is a place of personal touches, exquisite locally sourced food, and an ambiance that literally gives you the “space” you need to re-energise, gain clarity, and breathe deeper and longer than you have in years.

“After just a day you will already notice a difference in your mood, and how can you not when you get to schedule whatever you want, when you want it!

“SPACE offers personal training with the most knowledgeable and compassionate team of trainers, who create a personal program best outfitted for you (choice of Pilates, weight training, high intensity workouts, body work, and more). Additionally there are the wonderful Lucy Annabella massage gurus on call with a private bed overlooking the water that beckons you, while on site private chef, Gaz, whips up creations that entice all palates (all allergies, likes and dislikes are considered). Last but not least, you always have the twice a day meditation and yoga practice if you wish. The list of amenities and tailor made options are endless, but what is more difficult to express in writing is the experience in its entirety. With SPACE, it is not just about the retreat options, it is also about the people.

“If you are a traveller like myself, you can attest to the fact that all vacations are not made by the location. Most of the time, and often more importantly, a vacation is successful because of the connections and people you encounter. I think this is why SPACE officially has a special place in my heart. From the SPACE team to the attendees, I found each person incredibly inspiring and genuinely kind-hearted. Perhaps SPACE just brings out the best in people, or attracts the people it’s supposed to bring together, but either way it’s hard to believe that a villa filled with 26 strangers, no sugar, no alcohol, and no bread, managed to become everyone’s new favourite getaway.

“We tend to think of a vacation being filled with sun, booze, and late nights, which usually leave us returning home in need of a vacation from our vacation! After SPACE I am convinced that what we all are in need of is time to simply be. I returned home energized, with more mental clarity, and somehow have not touched sugar (real or artificial) in two weeks, which is a real feat for a girl who doesn’t go a day without a cookie or Splenda in her three cups of coffee!

“All in all, I think one guest said it best: ‘God must really love me because he gave me a taste of heaven before I die!’

“If that doesn’t say it all in a nutshell I am not sure what will.”

— Ashley Silver


“Wow! What an incredible experience. The food, the staff the amazing massages by the ocean. The location the inspirational and motivational personal trainers. I feel fantastic! Thank you so much Alexia & Suns for the best week of my life!”

— Penny Robinson


“It’s difficult to put into words how incredible SPACE is. I feel completely refreshed, positive and healthy both in mind and body. The staff are fantastic, nothing is too much trouble. Alexia makes everything look effortless. The time I spent there in the beautiful island of Anguilla, the people I met was without a doubt one of the most life changing experiences of my life. For anybody who has forgotten how it feels to be at their best they should check into a week at SPACE and put the spring back in their step! Amazing, incredible and truly unforgettable!”

— Julia Moya


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