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“Imagine a tropical paradise created solely to meet your needs. SPACE is set in the luscious and beautiful Island of Anguilla, right on the ocean’s edge, and will allow you to reconnect with yourself through a total cleanse for body, mind and spirit.”

— Luxury Travel Magazine, 16 January 2016


“This idyllic tropical retreat will take you from stressed-out-Sally to Soulful-Suzy within a week thanks to its relaxing cleansing of the mind, body and spirit.”

— The Wanderlust Scout, 22 January 2016


“A last-minute option for those who need that escape NOW, it’s set in a whitewashed villa on the water’s edge and aims to reboot your mind and body.”

— Tatler, 15 January 2016


Town and Country

“A soulful winter-sun adventure in February that I would equate with perfection.”

— The A List, Town & Country, 15 October 2015


Virgin Limited Edition

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