Alexia & Suns

Alexia & Suns was founded by Alexia Hargrave in 2009, following a 13-year career at Virgin. Alexia worked as Richard Branson’s Personal Assistant for seven years, after which she moved into managing special projects and events, working closely with Richard and many of the Virgin Group of Companies. Alexia’s extraordinary wealth of experience and contacts gained from her years at Virgin now informs the work, strategic approach, creativity and brand and communications understanding.

A high-level events company with a wealth of experience in working with philanthropists, NGOs, high profile individuals and cool brands, Alexia & Suns delivers unique, unimaginable experiences – ‘creating extraordinary memories for extraordinary people’.

Alexia & Suns has created some outstanding international events at the highest level, including The Elders initiative with Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Kofi Anan and President Carter, both Holly and Sam Branson’s weddings held on Necker Island and Ulusaba Game Reserve, South Africa. Each year Alexia and her team event direct the Necker Cup Tennis Pro-Am which hosts tennis heroes such as Rafael Nadal, Novak Djocavic and the Bryan Brothers. Alexia & Suns has produced events all over the world with guest lists from less than 20 to over 40,000 people, ranging from intimate dinners to private music festivals.


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A new chapter

At the beginning of 2015 Alexia decided to take a break from work to just “be”.  She felt a change brewing and wanted to ’take stock’ and re-evaluate where she would like to adventure to next in her career and how she’d like to evolve Alexia & Suns. Alexia embarked on a regime of healthy eating, meditating and exercising, she hung out with those that inspired her and took more time to do the things she loves. Giving herself this space and time gifted her with the clarity, creativity and vision, from which Alexia & Suns presents SPACE was born.

Alexia likes to do things wholeheartedly; she loves people (which is a good job really!) and is extremely passionate about the experiences she and her team create. She cares and puts the success of Alexia & Suns down to a bloody good team!

Although Alexia tries to be as healthy as possible, she doesn’t take herself too seriously. She can always find an excuse to celebrate any occasion, and rarely turns down a glass or two of the bubbly stuff!



Showing off

“Painting a picture of the perfect event is incredibly tough but Alexia & Suns has an ability to take the colours from your mind and put them together in a beautiful way. They work magic! They put their whole heart into interpreting your ideas and create them with great skill, professionalism and buckets of creativity. If Alexia wasn’t a friend before you started, she certainly will be by the end” Sam and Isabella Branson

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“The ‘Alexia of life’ has a warm, friendly and attractive personality. She genuinely cares for people. She impressed us when she played with our exhausting grandchild, entering into the spirit of her game amazingly. But she is just as caring of more decrepit ones such as the writer of this, doing it with such a pleasant manner as if for royalty. She would always win my vote for the most pleasant and caring person” — Archbishop Desmond Tutu

“Alexia & Suns are total crap. I wouldn’t recommend them to my worst enemy. In any event, they’re far too busy helping me so sod off!” — Richard Branson, Founder, Virgin Group

“Thanks for making our visit to London so special and memorable. You were thoughtful and considerate and most professional at every turn in the road during those 12 days. My whole family now joins me in being big fans of yours” — Ray Chambers, UN Special Envoy for Malaria and Philanthropist

“Alexia has the rare talent of lighting up a room and making people instantly feel special. She is constantly professional and hard working – but always adds a spark of energy that brings fun into all she does. A refreshing gem who never disappoints.”   — Jean Oelwang, CEO, Virgin Unite


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